Thursday, May 19, 2016

the birth story

It's my 36 day of pantang today and here is the birth story for my kids' reference in the future
(read: always listen to your mom ok giving birth was not easy)

On the 12th April we went to see Dr. Seri for my 38-week check up, anticipating some certainty

"Hi nadzirah, i was waiting for you since the day you informed me about the bleeding tapi takde dtg2 pun"
"tulah doc..i thought losing the mucus plug would mean I'd be experiencing labor right away but no..there were contractions here and there but nothing happened"
" tak nak  keluar lagi la tu!!"
then she scanned and checked my belly for baby's position
"he's actually getting down there..i would say that he is at 2/5 position. it could mean hours or few days away from labor..we don't know for sure.. so we'll see you next week for your 39-week check up..unless..I don't know what daddy is going to do to mommy tonight.." she chuckled
"ohh..i thought you are going to poke me or something to get the labor moving..just like you did during Suphie" I said rather innocently
"oh no..we don't do that kind of intervention dear..unless you request for it but then can do it yourself la!" she laughed while looking at hubs.
"and do lots of walking nadzirah"
"okay doc"

So we got back from PCMC realising that it is not within our power and that everything is within His will.. and since I need to do a lot of walking..we went to the new IKEA in Cheras, just 3 minutes away from PCMC. Had our meatball lunch there, did some shopping for house deco (read: fake plants) and went back home. I can gladly say that I did A LOT of walking ^-^ with contractions coming and dissapearing

And then come night time

After putting the kids to sleep, had a small chit chat with hubs and he went down to watch football
and then I was having a "heart to heart" session with Allah, telling Him that I'm worried about my coming Masters programme and going to QA and the timeline if I'm going to deliver the baby at a later date..I also prayed to Him that He would show me some clear signs..and few minutes later hubs came and slept next to me..and next thing I know I was feeling mild contraction and kind of leaking sensation..but I brushed that feeling away thinking that it is another false alarm..still, the optimistic side of me started reciting ya Fattah continuously..until..

My amniotic water..erm..spurt.
It was a  forceful, unstoppable stream.
*thank you Allah

"By, my water broke!!"
"my water bag broke!what time is it now?"
"can you check the mattress?banyak keluar ni.."
and he turned on the light and yupp..the bed is drenched with my water"
and the water kept on spurting out

I changed my attire while hubs took a bath and got ready to send the kids to my mom's place in Putrajaya
Got out from house around 1am, called PCMC informing my condition, arrived at my mom's place at 1.15am, dropped the kids and hubs sped to PCMC
Arrived PCMC at 1.40am
Wheeled to labour room, contractions were 10 minutes apart, nurse did VE informing that I'm 3 to 4 cm dilated
She anticipated that with current progress I'll be giving birth around 7 am
She also asked questions on mom and dad's medical history (diabetic, hypertension) and what kind of pain relief I would choose. I knew I didn't want epidural so I chose the gas

Why not the epidural? because the pain of the epidural process.
Refer to Suphie birth story in Dec 2013

Then nurse asked me and hubs to get some rest/sleep (which of course I didn't get)
Had the zikir munajat played on my phone with 3 in 1 nestum and jus kurma in between
This time around I told hubs that I don't want to see the numbers on the CTG machine (it tells you how strong the contraction is) because be it high or low I wanted to be in total control

Warm shower at 5 am - checked.

VE at 6.40 am - 5cm dilated
Contractions were getting stronger and everytime it came I did my own breathing technique and I didn't know why my mind and body kept telling me that the contractions are bearable. Allah is Great

Next VE at 9 am -7-8cm dilated
The nurse kept asking whether I feel like going to the toilet
This time I didn't get the enema too as I was already progressing at that rate and need to be bound to the hospital bed

10 am: felt the urge to push (note:it felt like waves of current from lower abdomen) and the nurse said I can push
After 3 pushes I was already feeling man this is real pain. The pain is totally out of this world. It feels like someone tearing your whole body apart.

10.20 am: Doc Seri came in and she was asking me how was I and everything in her bubbly way but I just couldn't answer. Sorry Doc!

Then I heard her asking the nurse what pain relief I'm on to which the nurse said nothing. She looked amazed and said "wow, that's really good Nadzirah" (made me feel good for 5 seconds)

Doc ready in her position to receive the baby and they kept cheering me to push until 1 point I actually said "Sakit doc.." and "By..sakit.."
I started to cry. Felt like leaving the baby there. Couldn't push any longer. I grabbed hub's hand throughout the minute. I know I'm hurting him but it's not even close to what I'm suffering down there. I think he teared too though I'm not sure whether it's because seeing me in pain or because I'm hurting him too much

"Come on mommy can do it.."
The only thing that came out from my mouth were Allahuakbar..Subhanallah..I pushed with the remaining energy left..

10.29 am: my baby finally out

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Waiting game

Officially 37 weeks today
And can't sleep
Had "the show" started on last sunday 36 weeks 5 days, during parent in law 36 yrs anniv celeb in Tanah Aina Cafe in Shah Alam
went to pcmc for check up thereafter and was told no strong contractions yet although servix appeared soft already. So we headed back home.
Ok i lied i made hubs drove to Mydotty's in TTDI because i was craving for their pastries  (1 eclair for RM10 fyi baby M)
They were outof croissant donuts so i bought caramel eclairs.yumms. check out Mydotty's instagram

then on monday morning i went to ofc to settle some pending matters accompanied by hubs and suphie
At noon just before having dimsum lunch at IOI Marriott (it was actually mr.husband's craving) more blood show came out-obviously thicker this time- checked with dr.seri and she said need to wait for established regular contractions or signs of amniotic leakage

And just to note here that only with this 3rd pregnancy that i realise that losing the mucus plug aka having the show aka seeing the blood tinged mucus is NOT a sign of imminent labor. It could still mean days away
Entirely different experience when i was in labor last time with Suphie

Maybe I should get myself java chip frappe and just go to ofc tomorrow aye?maybe there are "unfinished business" that baby M wants mommy to settle before he comes out

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mothercare stroller and car seat for sale RM600 (brand new not preloved ^_^)

For those looking for brand new stroller with car seat perhaps can consider this mothercare stroller.
The story behind it is ada la seorang hamba Allah tu (ok no hiding identity here it's mr.husband) and some of his other friends pesan a friend yg study kat uk masa tu to purchase the stroller untuk jual balik kat malaysia.
In the end diorang takde masa pun nak jual the strollers so dok terperap in our house -__-
So with baby coming soon i would like to clear the store room
Contact me if you are interested peeps!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

34 weeks

Had a new motivation from Dr Seri for this week
Do lots of walking to start things going
(Shopping malls yeay)
Baby M is already 2.9kg, 2 weeks bigger and wayy above average
lots of people (including strangers) already commenting my big belly and how "jatuh" it is yadayadayada

See you at 36 sayang 😘

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Good Dinosaur

Watched this movie yesterday with the kids and it made me and Suphie cried!
I watched it again without the kids today and still cried!
After watching this movie yesterday the kids don't want to watch it again. They said it made them feel scared. Or rather, sad

Hannan suddenly said to hubs just now when we asked her whether she wants to watch the movie again
"Daddy, I don't want you to pass away okay?  Cos i love you and I'm going to miss you"

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

A quick getaway for our anniversary which was supposed to be a surprise but got kantoi earlier by the wife >•<
Friendly staffs, quick check in, big and clean room that comes with mini pool
we took the tower view room as it provides more privacy for me to swim with the kids. For those who may want the bigger or hv no issue with open view pool can opt for the water chalet which is a bit far from the tower building.not a problem if you are not heavily pregnant. Plus they provide buggy rides from and to the main building
Loved the fact that they provide 2 set of king sized beds and loads of pillows
loved the hibiscus scent toiletries set
loved the tapiica chips and tart cookies that they give as complimentary  (yup i finished the whole box of cookies by myself)
They also have a big play area / kids zone for kids aged 2-12 at level 2. The only downside was that we needed to pay RM20/hour for each child. But the place is clean and properly maintained
kids loved the hotel so much that they made effort to memorise the name of the hotel and requested daddy to bring them here again -__-

Thnk u hubs.we enjoyed it much

Friday, March 11, 2016


It's almost 3.30 am and I'm wide awake
Besides the big belly, the other contributing factor to this sleep problem is the hot weather -which is said to last until June masyaa Allah
Not a good news to a pregnant mother
Anyway today marks our 10th anniversary
Just wow.
I remember clearly how tough it was in the first 5 years of marriage
Going to ofc with mata bengkak from crying whenever we had arguments and when ppl ask on the mata bengkak the normal answers were:
"Smlm migraine x boleh tidur"
"Kena kencing lipas/gigit serangga rasanya"
With smile on the face.
It stopped the questions but the emotions that ran through me the whole day was entirely a different story

Reflecting on marriage early on, you don't actually know yourself and your other half before marriage
You only get to know the real him and the real you after that marriage
the process of understanding and reacting to one another is extremely a hard task
You have your own principles while he has his
And changing or rather challenging that principles or perspectives requires tactics which you can only acquire in more more years of marriage
And you will also discover the weaknesses or rather, the dark side of both of you

Nope, definitely not easy
And when some heavy expectations are put in the marriage - for instance, to have a baby, while you were told that you can't - definitely adds more misery and conflicts

And i learnt that most problems or arguments in marriage should not be told beyond the 2 of you
Unless it requires a fair character to put both of you together again
Or when you feel that the whole world is going down on you and you feel like killing yourself
Remember, only a fair character and not someone who will tell you "hey i definitely agree with you and he's completely wrong"

Last and the most important thing is to have that solid foundation of faith/religion in marriage
Understanding the purpose of life and marriage and that God is there watching you 24/7

Wow.such an emotional reflection of 10 years of marriage
We are still learning to understand and improve the way we communicate with each other

And that i learnt the good qualities in him.
always try to give me positive point of view when i nag about my work.
help me with house chores.
A good cook. feed me when I'm hungry
Always try to come out with surprises on special occasions although the wife always get to discover earlier
Committed to his work
Loving father and good teacher to our kids

Alhamdulillah.what more can we ask for

i may need a bouquet of flowers (not roses) to congratulate myself for being the "perfect" woman I am today
Happy anniversary to you and me