Tuesday, May 31, 2011

20 weeks.

hannan dear,
you've been actively moving now eh?
i can feel you move and kick and punch etc..etc..
but why everytime i take daddy's hands to feel your movement there weren't any at all?
poor daddy..playing with daddy eh?
last two night i had pain in my belly i was so worried about you!
really hoped it won't affect you
daddy was awake few times when i cried out in pain and put me to comfort
he would say nice things like "sabar ye sayang..?hannan membesar tu..tahan sikit ye..shhh.." and pat me to sleep (awww...)
and the next morning when i woke up suddenly i noticed my belly has grown overnight!
suddenly it became this size!
how come?
r u growing rapidly..?

can't wait to see u on our next check-up
can't wait to buy your things
really can't wait for october!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


dear hannan,
thank you for being so active, moving around this morning.
both ummi and daddy have been longing to see you since last time.
and doctor hamizah said that you're doing well. and your size is one week bigger.
it's just that my hemoglobin level was low - and doctor hamizah asked whether i missed taking my supplements.
the hemoglobin basically carries the oxygen and when it's low - it means lesser oxygen for both of us, i get tired easily, increasing risk for me to become anemic. and this will affect the doctor's decision whether to let me deliver through normal procedure or operation. doctor hamizah said with my history, the doctor may easily decide for me to go for operation. and operation means taking up more blood than normal procedure and longer time to recover...and lesser time with you..?
so it's really important to take supplements/obimin, because both you and ummi need oxygen in our blood.
i admit that i've been skipping the supplements because of the "complications" on the digestion side.
but never have thought it may come to that effect..
so sorry dear..ummi promise to take it regularly from now on ok?
i just want you to be all well and healthy..

today also marked our last appointment with dr. hamizah at LPPKN as she now has to refer us to other hospital..ummi and daddy really feel sad, because she's a really nice doctor. and we know we'll miss all the nice, attentive staff there. may Allah bless them all..

and hannan dear, ummi and daddy have decided that we continue your check up at FPP Putrajaya Hospital. It's a private wing under the govt hospital. and my 1st experience registering for FPP just now was fast and easy. They immediately gave me an appointment date with our chosen doctor. they said that i don't have to queue waiting for our number to be called like many other patients. it's just like going to private clinic/hospital. so we'll be seeing you on the 22nd June. really can't wait to see you. really can't wait to hold you in my arms.

i pray that Allah make us good parents for you..love you dearly..

Makan-Makan: 1st Soup Kiosk espreSOUP, Mines

Medium size portion suitable for people who needs to go to diet like mr.hubby and I.
(ok fine I actually ordered 4 more garlic bread)
Although not much of variety because they focus on soup and simple dishes like pasta and sandwiches, the taste is nice - and the garlic bread is freshly made.
must try!

the little cat

mr.hubby brought him to our house and immediately he went to pee bawah meja makan!!grrr..nasib baik comel tau!

Makan-makan: Lunch at Warung Mak Mah, Port Dickson

Hubby had a family day gathering at RISTEC PD last week and i tagged along.
Because of hygiene issues with the food served at RISTEC, I suggested to hubby that we have our lunch outside.
So we asked some locals where to have lunch and they immediately responded: "Mak Mah!"
There are two Mak Mah stalls nearby PD town.
If you're from RISTEC heading to PD town, there'll be a PETRONAS on your left, and then a traffic light. locate this "bawah pokok" stall around 50 metres after the traffic light on your left. (hubby pls correct me if i'm wrong here)
Although "bawah pokok", the stall is quite big and they have air-cond section for those who can't just stand the heat (like us :p)
There are variety of lauk kampung here, and you can find almost all kind of masak lemak cili api - including puyuh masak lomak cili api.
Didn't manage to get a snap of all the lauk cos was too hungry. sorry!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

makan-makan: Indian Kitchen, Cyberjaya

Yesterday, as usual, we ran out of idea where to have our dinner..
i heard that many of my office colleagues had been to Indian Kitchen in Cyberjaya several times, so i recommended to hubby that we should try and have a look
besides, i kinda miss chicken masala with puri at chapati corner seremban (i'll blog about chapati corner later)
and all those vege menu that i had when i was in new delhi last year (surprising)

we had:

ice lemon tea and fresh watermelon juice
briyani chicken and chicken pepper + plain naan
i really like the drinks we had - thumbs up for the ice lemon tea!
but the dish was really hot!!!! poor hubby - i saw some tears coming out hehe
RM32 for 3 dishes + 2 juices 
may be coming again to try the vege dishes


had a nightmare last night..feeling weak and dizzy cos' it made me wake up several times.. (besides need to go to the toilet -__- )
syaitan sentiasa mencari jalan menakut-menakutkan dan melemahkan hati manusia...
taken from a website:
Menurut satu riwayat, ada seorang ulama' salaf bertanya kepada muridnya bagaimana untuk melawan gangguan daripada syaitan. Lalu murid tersebut menjawab: "Aku akan melawan dan tidak mahu menuruti kehendaknya."

Ulama' salaf itu berkata lagi: "Kalau begitu, panjanglah ceritanya. Tidakkah engkau lihat, andaikata engkau menjumpai kambing di tempat pengembalaan tiba-tiba datang seekor anjing yang galak menyalak dan mengejar engkau serta tidak membenarkan engkau melalui jalan itu, apa yang perlu engkau lakukan bukannya berlawan dengan anjing tersebut, tetapi meminta tolong daripada pemilik kambing dan anjing berkenaan. Apabila engkau telah meminta tolong daripada pemilik kambing dan anjing itu, pasti masalahmu akan selesai.

"Begitulah juga jika engkau menghadapi gangguan syaitan. Cara paling baik untuk engkau mengatasinya ialah dengan meminta tolong kepada pemiliknya, iaitu Allah SWT, berlindung dan memohon kepadaNya agar mengendalikan syaitan itu. Kalau Allah sudah melindungi dan menjaga hambaNya maka tidak ada lagi jalan bagi syaitan untuk mengganggumu.."
Aku mohon perlindunganMu ya Rabb dari segala bentuk gangguan jin dan syaitan..dan dari kejahatan manusia yang dengki apabila ia dengki.. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

out of fashion sense.

I'm no trendy gal
not at work, not at outings, weddings, dates, movies, dinners, etc
but today i think i really crossed the line when i wear this white, casual pump shoe

with long, black cotton flare skirt

though i'm wearing my Hush Puppies blouse with blazer, they aren't helping at all (sigh)

i noticed that my colleagues who saw me today literally looked at me top-to-bottom

really need to get more new outfits as i can no longer fit into the rest of baju kurungs and shirts
i was forcing myself to wear a different A-line skirt this morning when hubby suddenly went:
"honey, what are you doing? don't force yourself to fit into that skirt..kan ketat..?"
me: "how do you know it''s ketat?can see meh?"
hubby: "yelah, nampak seksa betul nak pakai.."

fine, can you accompany me to buy more baju please hubby? (wink wink)

makan-makan: 1901 Hotdog

have you ever been to a hospital JUST to buy a hotdog?
well, we did yesterday hahaha..and so embarassing that we laughed it at ourselves

We (and I mean WE although mr.husband would deny this) were craving for the 1901 hotdog for almost a week..
so i browsed and read the list of outlets to mr.hubby who was driving
and when he heard SJMC outlet - "ok, let's go there!"
and i was like "what?just to buy hotdog?why can't we just go to sunway pyramid? it's nearer"
and he replied,"but i don't know where to park exactly because i can't remember which is nearest to walk. nvr mind, let's just go to SJMC".
and so we went -_-

luckily the stall was open!

one new york cheese and beef something.can't remember!

half price for new york cheese (RM3/RM4) on 19th every month so better grab 'em!

p/s: the visit to SJMC (or now known as Sime Darby Medical Centre) giving me the thought of "kan best kalau bersalin kat sini?" ^-^

makan-makan: Cendol Sedap, LRT Kelana Jaya

i've been complaining to hubby that it's so hard to find really nice cendol nowadays
ada yg santan cair la, gula tak cukup la, gula rasa lain la
the worst - replacing the santan with soya!!! yuck!!!
tak sedap langsung!

so our cendol hunting have been lasting since few weeks now, until we suddenly remember this place opposite LRT Kelana Jaya:

and the moment i took a sip of it - VOILLA!!
yess!! this is the one which reminds me of the simple cendol in front of pasar besar seremban that i used to drink when i was still small with granma (granma would buy me cendol everytime because i helped her carry the sayur,daging, everything - berat ok?)
semua cukup!
the best part is - this cendol stall have been there for the past 18 years and hubby (who always claimed as anak jati kelana jaya) never tried the cendol even once!
yeah yeah hubby...luckily you bought the cendol for me yesterday...tq!!!


AH HA!!!
no wonderthe water in our little pond have been decreasing lately..
thought that it's due to the weather, tapi rupa-rupanya ada budak oren ni dok minum heheheheh

this is actually one of the cats that mr.hubby often feed every morning and evening at our car porch
there are 3 of them
and budak oren ni sangat comel tapi tak nak dipegang
anak dia lagi la comel tapi tak pernah dibawaknya ke rumah kitorang
ada sekali je kitorang kidnap anak dia hehe

makan-makan: Cheechah, Kota Damansara


We actually saw this restaurant for some time already, but only after it came out in JJCM last week that we decided we should give it a try. so we went yesterday and ordered:

yee yang noodle

shirley punch and vanilla float
prawn fritters
along with chicken rice, kue teow noodle soup and tomato rice. They also have menu they claimed as tapas like nasi impit nyonya, keropok lekor, etc.
the verdict?
taste: so-so, average.
price: RM92 for 4 pax - expensive with the so-so taste!
Overall: not the place that you'll say "definitely coming back here for more!" maybe only for drinks -__-

Monday, May 16, 2011

monday *__*

had mihun goreng this morning
but because it was too oily and some of it even keras, ate it halfway

so i had one of these
then i had this - finished all of it

then came dr. tan:
dr. tan: "hi siti, how are you? i got something for you"

dr tan: "hope you like it"
me: "oh love it doc!thanks!doc just came back from hong kong ye?" sambil belek-belek that thing..
dr. tan: "yes..so, you tgh sibuk buat apa?paper kabinet ke?"
me: "err..takdelah doc..buat report card je" (sambil excitement dpt hadiah tu terpadam just because he's so sibuk asking what i'm doing. the fact is i was reading blogs on food hehe)

oohh..so sleepy and lebam today!!!!

so hard to find food that really satisfy my tummy since this 3-4 days..
and yet i often feel hungry
feel like vomitting everytime after i eat..
did i eat too much?

hubby's complains.

before we depart- he was so hungry

hubby was complaining why didn't i put more pics of our trip to sarawak recently.
basically it was because i didn't have much time to upload all those pics
but because today is such a quiet, boring ,monday (not that i don't have anything else to do - lots of it!- but feeling rather sleepy) so here's to you hubby:

the living area

the room

the complimentary bday cake

the perahu penambang adventure

the dinner at baroque

showing off his skills?
this is the correct way

get stamp from every traditional house
not sure what's with that face

p/s: mind the pasting, still haven't fully explored this blog thing


saya tak suka berhutang
berhutang perkara yang besar-besar seperti rumah, kereta dan sebagainya sahaja

tak suka lewat bayar hutang
tak suka dipandang sebagai orang yg lewat bayar hutang


i learned
i studied
i understood
i grew up watching my family in those kind of situations
situations which made me really berazam untuk tidak jadi seperti mereka
not that i'm saying they are wrong or made terrible mistakes
i'm truly grateful i can learn from them
and not to repeat the same thing

you can't force someone to understand you
and you will not be able to understand why the other person just couldn't understand how you feel..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Activity @ Cameron 6-8 May 2011

Working at Cameron was no fun cos you didn't have time to really enjoy the scenery. nasib baik sempat jalan2 at the night market and makan cheese cake at cameron plantation. The bright side of it, the weather is just nice (since it's hot season now everywhere eh?)
And i wanna say many, many thanks to hubby that went all the way up there, driving alone, just to accompany me..thank you hubby..

1st May 2011

didn't have time to update on this year's birthday surprise from hubby
now curik curik masa try to write it here

anyway, he secretly bought air asia ticket for both of us to Kuching
and prepared programme schedule for us there
he booked for deluxe room at Grand Margherita but because it was fully booked, our room was upgraded to junior suite!!
mmg rezeki :) first time staying at junior suite la katakan
the hotel even surprised me with a complimentary bday cake.. awwww... (mata berkaca-kaca)
the only thing i dislike about the hotel is the breakfast buffet - not much of variety and nothing special
the rest is superb!
jalan-jalan to india street (sgt suka shopping di situ)
naik penambang (scary!))
dinner at Baroque (across the river) - nice one
visit to Sarawak Cultural Village - really interesting - especially the cultural show

really had great time there
thank you hubby
luv u much!!

makan-makan: Mi Kari Express Stall, R&R Tapah

Kalau singgah ke R&R Tapah, i like to have mi kari at this particular stall. The price is only RM3.50 tapi isinya banyak!tak habis!and delicious too!

Makan-makan: Restoran Basir, Puchong

Lamb Briyani
Who wants to eat nasi beriyani power, sila la berkunjung ke Restoran Basir di Bandar Puteri Puchong.sedap!!

makan-makan: Warung Nasi Lemak Nabil, Mambau

pernah dengar warung nasi lemak ni?kat mambau, negeri sembilan. kalau pergi port dickson lalu mambau warung ni tepi jalan je. sedap makan panas-panas :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

this week.

we'll be going to

working, not for vacation..
but hopefully the cool and fresh air up there can help me with the "serabut" ness of mind rite now :(

subhanaLlah...dear God, give me strength and peace!


Happy new year. This is the first year that Hannan is in lower elementary. Little did I know that this first week really drive us exhauste...